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QuickX is a novel protocol designed specifically to cure the many fatal flaws that plague Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies today. It performs transactions off the chain for same Blockchain assets and utilizes pooling facilitators who supply liquidity for cross chain transfers of crypto assets. Through this, it accelerates the transaction speed greatly, dissolves the interoperability problem between different Cryptocurrencies, relieves the transaction fees and also solves the issue of scalability.

Zero Exchange Rate

Cryptographically Secure

Instant Cross Blockchain Transfer

Lightning Fast Transfers

Quick X Features

Payment Gateway

Accept cryptocurrencies for your business!

Using QuickX payment gateway, you could start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies within a matter of few minutes.

  • Expand Your Customer Base Globally
  • Zero Chargeback and fraud
  • Flat 0.5% settlement fee
  • Direct bank deposits
QuickX Crypto Debit Card

Now spend your cryptocurrencies with QuickX Crypto-debit card!

With QuickX Crypto debit, you can,

  • Spend 10+ Cryptocurrencies online and offline.
  • Keep a track of your expenditure and transactions, on the go!
  • Zero exchange fees, for any kind of transactions.
  • Earn up-to 2% cashback on your spending!
Platform as an Exchange

QuickX provides you a platform, which allows you to swap your Cryptocurrency, without you having to pay any kind of network fees

  • Exchange cryptocurrencies instantly
  • Safest way to swap your currencies


How blockchain is changing status quo

Banks act as intermediaries between depositors and lenders

Former finance minister of malta to join advisory board of QuickX protocol.

The blockchain start up welcomed sir dalli on the advisory board of company in a press conference organized here..

Blockchain transaction and their Hidden Energy Cost

Bitcoin is famous for two things: its soaring value and the amount of energy which mining


Minimizing Transaction Costs with QuickX

Cryptocurrency comes with a wide variety of benefits, so it’s no surprise that many are

Turbo Charge Blockchain with QuickX

One of the great limitations of cryptocurrencies is that blockchain protocols

Avoid the Limitations of Cryptocurrency Wallet Services with QuickX

Cryptocurrency wallet is an easy way to keep your crypto funds readily accessible

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